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We’re Experience Golf, New Zealand’s largest and most awarded golf travel agency. A blank canvas to write your golfing dreams on, where we take these golfing fantasies and turn them into realities, moments, adventures, and stories to share. 

Any golfer can read the general line and speed of a putt, but an instinctive and experienced hand elevates results by quantifying factors less visible or unseen i.e. grain, moisture, adrenaline and all-important feel. One must discern relevant information versus distractions, to confidently turn an adequate result into a great one. The golf travel business is no different.    

Quality golf trips require hard-earned lessons and worldly experience to pull off. Thankfully we can lean on four decades of industry experience honing the craft of designing and delivering unforgettable golf experiences for groups and individuals. In short, golf is your passion, golf travel is ours. We handle the leg work with tailored, bespoke packages, leaving you to hit the range.

As it says on the label, we’ve got golf experience, so you can Experience Golf.


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